Financial Aid and Scholarships

STEM school percussion performance at A Child's Song Holiday Concert for Colorado Gives day.

Everyone can enrich their life through music.

We want to make sure that music education is available to all individuals, regardless of circumstances.

A Child’s Song gives financial aid for students with special needs — whether physical, social, emotional, or financial. Scholarships are awarded to students with high potential or a great desire but no resources to fund their dream. We have always given financial aid and scholarships every semester.

A Child’s Song does not discriminate in any way and we are proud to be a safe space for all.

Scholarships are determined based on availability of funds and the needs of the students. Scholarship amounts can range anywhere from partial to full payment of tuition and materials. Scholarships are not required to be repaid.

Applications are accepted at any time, but must be renewed quarterly. The Admin Team and Board of Directors for A Child’s Song will make scholarship appropriations and notify the recipients as soon as possible after receiving the application.

Financial Aid/Scholarship Application PDF
Financial Aid/Scholarship Application WORD doc.

Our tax-exempt filing Form 990 from 2014:

2014 Form 990