Don’t Miss! Parent’s Night Out August 5th

Fun at our Aussiroo Class .

A Child’s Song and The Studio is pleased to announce our very first Parent’s Night Out event, hosted by trained Early Childhood Educator Leslie Burczek along with staff member Kyria Abrahams on August 5, 2017, starting at 5 pm.

Parents will have 4 hours to use as they please while we entertain and educate your children at our non-profit music school in Thornton.

At only $30 per child (or $55 for two), you can skip hiring the sitter and spend some extra money on dinner.

We will provide dinner, entertainment, and a screening of the movie ‘Sing’. PJs optional!

Every child who attends will automatically be registered for a free trial in any music or movement class of your choosing.

Click here to register for your night out today!

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