AussieROO Toddler Gym

AussieROO Toddler Gym and Motor Skills Class for Preschoolers and Babies near Denver Colorato

AussieROO Toddler and Baby Play Gym

Not just a baby play gym. A Child’s Song is the only place to find licenced AussieROO teachers in the United States.

AussieROO is a unique, parent-inclusive music and movement class for very young children. Parents attend with their children, fostering a bonding experience.

This Australian-born musical gym class for children improves brain function and fine motor skills.

AussieROO Toddler Gym and Gym for Babies at A Child's Song, Thornton and Denver
A toddler plays at our AussieROO gym.

Stimulating a child’s brain through specially designed music and movement classes will lay a foundation for more complex learning skills in the future. Today’s play is tomorrow’s improved learning capacity!

AussieROO Baby Play Gym

Our structured program is designed to build strength and balance in our colorful gymnasium — all while you spend quality time together with your child. AussieROO gym classes for babies start at six-weeks-old and run up to age five.

Our unique group class features music, games, songs, and a fun climbing gym.

To get a better idea of what our children’s music and gym classes are like, see our blog post for photos: The AussieROO Experience.

“An Innovative Australian program” – American Academy of Pediatrics

BabyROO! Gym class and music class for babies near Denver at A Child's Song in Thornton.
BabyROO! Gym class for babies.

BabyROO: 6 weeks to 18 months

The first year of life is the period of greatest neurological development.

The brain-stimulating gym class for babies! Through massage, music, and activities on specially-designed equipment, parents learn to support the natural progression of an infant’s developmental process. Stimulate your baby while exploring bubbles, balls (and even a parachute!) in a safe, friendly environment with trained educators.


ToddleROO: 18 months – 3 years

ToddleROO! Toddler Gym and Baby Gym. Gym class for toddlers. Near Denver at A Child's Song in Thornton, Colorado.
ToddleROO! Gym class for toddlers.

When children are moving, they are learning!

Sensory stimulating gym classes for toddlers. We focus on activities specifically designed to encourage the development of a toddler such as fine motor skills, first words, hand/eye coordination, and balance. Self-awareness and self-confidence are naturally developed through bouncing, swinging, climbing, and sliding. Action-based games help strengthen children’s bodies and minds. Social interaction helps toddlers prepare for school.



JoeyROO: 3-5 years

AussieROO! Gym class for preschoolers. Motor Skills for preschool. Near Denver at A Child's Song in Thornton, Colorado.
JoeyROO! Gym class for preschoolers.

Develop self confidence and school-preparation skills!

Interactive gym classes for preschoolers. With JoeyROO, coordination and fine motor skills are encouraged through a slightly more difficult obstacle course mixed with imaginative play with music and bubbles. Memory games such as name recognition and sharing are addressed during “treasure bag time”.




Kid’s Gym Class Schedule

(All AussieROO Gym classes are located at our Thornton location only.)


Email, or call 303-460-7408 with any questions about classes or to register.


[Tuition is per month, based on 44 teaching weeks per year and includes all materials.]