Flute, Clarinet, and Sax Lessons

Flute, Clarinet and Sax Lessons at A Child’s Song

A world of woodwinds at your fingertips with flute, clarinet, and sax. Kids love to play a jazzy clarinet, bluesy saxophone, or classical flute. So do adults!  Woodwinds are so versatile! They can be used to both accompany and to solo. Get started learning these wonderful instruments today.

Our Woodwind Instructor

Zachary Levenson

Zach Levenson Sax and Woodwinds Instructor
Zach Levenson Sax and Woodwinds Instructor

Composer, Arranger and Saxophonist Zach Levenson is an active educator with experience teaching in classrooms as well as private, one-on-one and group lessons. With diverse experience, from working in under-privileged schools of Paterson, New Jersey, to teaching after school programming in the Roselle Park School District and at the Boys & Girls Harbor of Harlem, Zach applies all of his knowledge and experiences to create and differentiate lessons for each of his students.

Zach encourages students to learn and grow by developing their creativity and finding creative solutions to the obstacles they face. By engaging the students in their own course of musical study, Zach helps students not only find the solution to their current obstacle, but gives them the tools to overcome future obstacles as well. By engaging with the student on a creative level, as well as a mechanical level, the student will enjoy their practice and performance much more.

During his time in New York, Zach became a part of the audition-only BMI Jazz Composers Workshop where up-and-coming jazz composers develop and hone their skills.

Find out more at www.zachlevenson.com

Schedules for Sax, Flute or Clarinet Lessons

Call info@achildssong.com, or call 303-460-7408 with any questions about classes or registration.


[Tuition is per month, based on 44 teaching weeks per year and includes all materials.]