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“An Innovative Australian program” – American Academy of Pediatrics

From the moment of birth, neurological superhighways are forming in the brain to support future learning skills.

AussieROO’s core philosophy is that stimulating a child’s brain through music and movement will lay a foundation for more complex learning skills in the future.

Our structured program is specially designed for sensory stimulation as well as building strength and balance — all while playing together with your child. AussieROO classes start at six-weeks-old and run up to age five.

For AussieROO class photos, see our blog post: The AussieROO Experience.

BabyROO: 6 weeks to 18 months

The first year of life is the period of greatest neurological development.

Through massage, music, and activities on specially-designed equipment, parents learn to support the natural progression of an infant’s developmental process. Stimulate your baby while exploring bubbles, balls (and even a parachute!) in a safe, friendly environment with trained educators.



The Aussiroo Early Childhood Learning and Music Class at A Child's Song.

ToddleROO: 18 months – 3 years

When children are moving, they are learning!

We focus on activities specifically designed to encourage the development of a toddler such as fine motor skills, first words, hand/eye coordination, and balance. Self awareness and self confidence are naturally developed through bouncing, swinging, climbing, and sliding. Action-based games help strengthen bodies and minds.



JoeyROO: 3-5 years

Developing self confidence and school-preparation skills!

With JoeyROO, coordination skills are encouraged through an obstacle course and imaginative play. Visual readiness, name recognition, and sharing are addressed during “treasure bag time”.



We provide fun-filled, research-based weekly classes with exciting unit themes.  Handouts and home activities will help you maximize your child’s learning potential!



(All AussieROO/KindyROO GYM classes are located at our Thornton location only.)



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[Tuition is per month, based on 44 teaching weeks per year, including holidays.]