Special Needs

We’re committed to reaching all children with music.

Reach & Teach is a program designed to focus on the needs of the members of our community with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional challenges.

We develop special classes in all our existing disciplines with particular emphasis on children and young adults with special needs. We offer special classes in Kindermusik, AussieROO Gym, dance, instrument instruction, percussion, and general music education.

From there, students may be mainstreamed into other classes.

Interactive Metronome Therapy

This innovative movement program provides a focused and systematic way to exercise motor planning and sequencing processes in the brain.

Recent studies have shown that motor planning and sequencing are crucial components to attention and learning capacities.

Athletes, musicians, and people with ADD have used this program. Significant improvement and coordination, language processing and attention have been seen after completing this program.

A licensed therapist trained in this program will use scientific data collection and computer analysis during the training.

For more information contact Cindy Trost at cindy@achildssong.com or call 303-460-7408.