Newborn-5 years

What is Kindermusik?  Simply put, Kindermusik is a music and movement program.

Ever wonder what Kindermusik is all about…Take a look!

Each week in class you’ll play, listen, and dance to music that will impact you and your child in profound ways. That’s because every activity has a carefully chosen purpose in this creative curriculum—one that’s designed to stimulate and strengthen the vital neural wiring taking place in your child’s mind, right now.

The latest research with proven methods—that’s Kindermusik, too. Our child-centered curricula incorporate ongoing, in-classroom studies with our own, 30-years’ experience in music and child development. Plus, we’ve combined the best music learning methods found in Orff, Kodaly, and Suzuki.

Digital CD download to use at home or in the car.  All while strengthening the emotional bond between you and your child.



10:00 Family Time – DU location

5:00 Family Time – DU location


9:00 Family Time – ACS Studio


Can’t decide whether to try a Kindermusik class? Watch this!

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· Newborn to 18 months  (CLICK HERE TO SEE A CLASS)

This class introduces your baby to music when it is critical to stimulate the brain.  Research has shown how valuable early music education is to a child’s development.   Rocking, singing, dancing, musical instruments, and books make this is an exciting class.

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· 18 months thru 3 years (CLICK HERE TO SEE A CLASS)

As your child grows, the need for stimulation of the brain continues. This class provides opportunities to develop pitch, rhythm, speech, and listening skills. A wide repertoire of songs, chants, and movements encourages your child to experiment with his developing body in relation to the children and activities around him.

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· 3 thru 5 years (LEARN MORE)

Discover just how far a little imagination… and a lot of music… can go!   Singing helps with memory and recall, physical development, creativity and socialization. Each class is built on the development of a story, so you’ll hear preschoolers search for the word to say what they mean and try to keep up with their busy minds, emerging wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.

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· 2 thru 7 years

ABC Music & Me, an award-winning enrichment (early literacy and language) program for 2 to 6 year olds, was designed for early childhood learning centers, but can also be taught in a Kindermusik classroom. ABC Music & Me is a research-based language and early literacy program built around music. ABC Music & Me helps develop pre-literacy and language skills through a child’s most-loved rituals: music and storytime.  ABC Music & Me supports the early childhood standards and requirements for “high quality programs” as defined by the National Institute for Early Education. Plus for the older age group, ABC Music & Me aligns with pre-K national and state standards.

  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum for children ages 2 to 5 years old
  • 4-week semester with 12 different monthly themes
  • Weekly 30-minute class
  • Monthly Home Kit includes a Family Guide, CD with all the music from class, and an instrument every other month



Kindermusik is also recommended for children with special needs.

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  • Newborn-5 years monthly curriculum
  • Perpetual enrollment – monthly payments