AussieROO/KindyROO Gym

6 weeks-5 years


Explore early childhood development, and have of fun with this structured program especially designed for

sensory stimulation, building strength and balance skills, while discovering together with your child, a lifelong love of learning.

We provide fun filled, research based weekly classes with exciting semester themes.  Handouts and home activities will help you maximize your child’s learning potential!

All AussieROO/KindyROO GYM classes are located at our ACS Thornton location only



The first year is the period of greatest neurological development.

Through massage, music, and directed activities on specially designed equipment, parents learn to support the natural progression of an infant’s developmental process. Stimulate your baby while exploring bubbles, balls, and even a parachute in a safe, friendly environment with trained educators.  In addition, lots of giggles and wiggles make tummy time fun! Age: 6wks-18 m

Aussie kid in cube

When children are moving, they are learning!

Activities specifically designed to encourage the development of a toddler including: gross and fine motor skills, managing behavior, first words/speech/language, hand eye coordination, balancing, and lateralization.  Self awareness and self confidence are developed through bouncing, swinging, climbing, and sliding.  Fun action rhymes help strengthen bodies and minds!  Ages: 18m-3 years



Developing self confidence and school readiness skills!

Neurological superhighways are forming in the brain to support future learning: Integration of messages from the eyes, limbs, and across the mid line develop so a child can move with control and efficiency. Visual readiness, name recognition, and sharing are addressed during treasure bag time.   Sequencing, directionality, and coordination skills are encouraged with an obstacle course and imaginative play.  Ages: 3-5 years

“An Innovative Australian program” – American Academy of Pediatrics

Brain Development is a foundation to Learning – AussieROO/KindyROO’s Philosophy

Program Supported By Institute of Neuro-Physiology and Psychology – UK

Accepted as the sole major platinium sponsor to the AAMCFHN (Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses) National conference 2005, 2007, 2009

Patron: Francis Page Glascoe, Professor of Paediatrics, Vanderbilt University; co–editor Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Director of Education and Research: Dr Janet Williams